A no-nonsense company with a clear goal

Develop ‘out of the box’ concepts and ideas into innovative
and successful companies

Our mission is clear and simple


Cooperate with innovative and ambitious partners to achieve extraordinary results.


Create ‘out of the box’ ideas into concepts and transform them into successful businesses.


Develop with a conscious mind and continuously evolve the business to stay ahead of the game.


Inspire others to realize their potential.


Share successes to create opportunities for team, partners and community.

About Us

Box Companies and its owners have established several unique companies in Europe and Asia, and are continuously looking for new opportunities and worldwide business partners.

By investing time, energy and resources in new projects they also want to help others achieve their potential and contribute to the mission of Box Companies.


With the Dutch Floral Network we trade flowers, globally; by giving direct (online) access to the complete assortment of the Dutch flower market. Offering flowers with the highest quality. Together with our flower deliveries we love to share our experience and knowledge. In order to support and strengthen the florists’ community; not only with knowledge of flowers, but also for improving logistics, presentations and trends. To blossom and to prosper, together.

Started in 2010 and developed into a successful and unique Floral design company – with 10 teams and partners around the world – focusing on Concept Development and Project Management for top-end projects.

In addition to The Xmas Designers, this company specifically focuses on comprehensive Christmas projects for large venues such as Hotels, Shopping Malls, Theatres and Events venues in both Europe and Asia.

Contributing to the most wonderful time of the year with bespoke Christmas products and outstanding Christmas concepts. From a sparkling Christmas touch to many hotels, up to turning Casinos, Shopping malls and public venues into must visit Christmas destinations. Anywhere around the world.

Online web store offering unique ‘all-in-one-packages’ with everything you need for the best Christmas tree ever. Yearly the shop brings Christmas to around 5 000+ customers, in mainly Germany, France, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

Xmasdeco Wholesale supports with developing, purchasing and producing Christmas decorations in China. Mainly working for retailers, local wholesale businesses and the business market in general. Supplying larger quantities and/or custom made Christmas gifts, (retail) products and Christmas objects.

Originated in Europe and with production in China they offer the perfect combination of high quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and affordable products.

BUY BETTER has a different point of view when it comes to producing and distributing of goods, worldwide.

The backbone of BUY BETTER is Quality, Price, Design and Service; and with a global network in 9 countries, BUY BETTER offers unique production and purchasing solutions.



Box Companies does not think in limitations but always thinks “out of the box”. So for us your background doesn’t matter or how big or small your idea is. Just get in touch with us!


For entrepreneurs with great ideas, just send us an email with your thoughts and maybe we can connect. Let’s see what we can do for each other.

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